Jessica Conway

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Specialising in content communication and content creation across print, online, audio and video. 

Over a decade of working experience as a journalist, media officer, public relations specialist and content communication professional.

Here for all your copywriting, media management and communication needs.


Copywriting is a pivotal aspect of any business and communication strategy. It is both an art and a science, to strategically deliver wording to encourage action. It is about your audience, what you want them to know about your company, your expertise, your product, your cause and why you are worth their time.

Using a nose for news, let me tell your story when it matters most.


media management

It’s an exciting time when you have something you want to shout from the rooftops! Let’s amplify your voice with an effective media strategy and content communication approach. Media releases, social media, op-eds, feature articles, photo shoots, press conferences, merchandise, advertising – let’s team up and deliver a suite of ways to promote your message.


Media Training

Communicating with the media can often strike fear into the hearts of men, but it shouldn’t. Using my experience on both sides of the proverbial fence, let me walk you through what the media is all about and how to make sure you are accurately represented.



There is more to communication than the written word. Think infographics, social media tiles, podcasts, short videos, newsletters – the options are endless, but I have you covered. Uniquely positioned with a track record of published multimedia work, you are in capable hands.


in the media

The purpose of a media strategy is to garner media attention. This is usually no easy feat with multiple factors influencing the kind of run a story will get.

Think other news of the day (a federal government leadership spill, a mass shooting, big international affairs to name a few), the newsroom size, publication audience, other news trends and more.

Here are some examples of my pieces that have cut through the rest and seen the light of the media-day.



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