Hermitude are still buzzin'

2017 is going to be a big year for hip-hop EDM luminaries, HERMITUDE – I can just feel it. The Sydney-based duo spent the last year tearing through the US, winning over yanks from coast to coast with their critically acclaimed tunes. “Americans really get into their music hard, you know? Getting over there and getting amongst it, it was just a killer year,” half of the dynamic duo Angus Stuart (a.k.a. Elgusto) enthused over the phone. But now Stuart and Luke Dubber (a.k.a. Luke Dubs) are back to their Sydney studio, fleshing out beats and preparing to drop more bangers on our eager ears. “We have a lot of rough sketches of song ideas we’ve written all over the world, while sitting on our laptops in airports and on planes, so now we’re taking all of that back into our studio to flesh it out.”

So when can we wrap our ears around their latest offerings? SOON! AND FOR FREEEEE! The pair are taking the stage as part of the Australian Surfing Open in Manly, (how’s that for an excuse for a road trip and some beach rays?!). Sweetening the deal, not only will there be pro-surfing and live music but also a global skate and BMX tour. Despite dabbling in BMX in his youth, Stuart is unlikely to go pedal-to-pedal with the pros this year. “I was a grommet in my teens and it was really fun. I only stopped because I was getting into music and I didn’t want to break my wrists in some horror stack,” Stuart recalled. “I think I’ll leave it to the pros, watch them do their work, admire it from afar and save myself any embarrassment!”

We digress, back to the music…

“We’re doing this thing where we are playing a lot of live instruments, then sampling ourselves, and chopping that up. I’m a drummer, Luke’s a piano player and we have some crazily talented friends, so we’ve been jamming, taking that jam, pulling it apart, and getting the best bits out of it.” It’s still early days in the album development process, with Stuart keeping his cards close to his chest. “We’ve got a couple of remixes on the boil, but nothing I can speak of publicly, and it’s too soon to think collabs – we’re just writing the tracks and then once that’s sorted we’ll look at who we might want to work with.” What a tease.

One promise that could be made is that the ACT will definitely be on the tour agenda (whenever that may be). “Last time we were in Canberra was for the Spilt Milk festival. We had a ball, huge crowd and incredible energy, and then we went out afterwards and had a really fun night! You could call me a bit of a Canberra ambassador after that! I mean why not, we’re neighbours – you gotta have neighbourly love.” PREACH.

Make the trip to see Hermitude at the Australian Open of Surfing in Manly on Sat–Sun March 4–5. Visit australianopenofsurfing.com for more info.