Travel the world at Marketplace Gungahlin

Are you a hankering for a holiday? Experiencing a travel itch that won’t quit, but feeling short on leave, cash and options? Then it’s time to think global and act local! Head to Marketplace Gungahlin for flavours of the globe – right here on your doorstep. 

Bento Tei – Japanese

Feast on the flavours of Japan with traditional bento, a complete meal in a box including salad, rice, two mains and a dessert – delicious and convenient! Bento Tei caters to both eastern and western tastes, with traditional food like gyouza, katsu, sushi and ramen appearing alongside Italian spaghetti.

Chong Co – Thai

Classic Thai dishes are abundant at Chong Co, with tom yum goong, pad see ew and pad thai among a host of popular stir fries, curries, soups, starters, rice and noodle dishes, salads and more. Thanks to the freshest ingredients and more than 15 years’ experience, the bitter, salty, sour and sweet flavours synonymous with the authentic taste of Thailand come perfectly balanced.

Doori – Korean BBQ

Often overshadowed by its Chinese, Japanese and Thai counterparts, Australians are growing to love the spicy, strong-smelling and intensely flavoured Korean BBQ. Food here is made to be shared, with healthy dishes based around vegetables and meat, cooked simply to let flavours shine through. Preserving food is a Korean specialty, which enhances flavours, aids digestion and boosts nutritional value.

Gusman y Gomez – Mexican

The taste of Mexico comes alive at GYG! Street-style corn tortilla tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos and churros will whisk you away to a land of cacti and sombreros! While the smoky chipotle, pickled jalapenos and habanero salsa will overwhelm the senses as a mariachi band plays in your mind.

Jade Dumpling Noodle House – Chinese

With more than 100 dishes to choose from, there’s something for everyone at the Jade Dumpling Noodle House. Aside from the array of mouth-watering dumplings, traditional dishes like san choy bow, laksa, kung po chicken and Mongolian beef sit next to a jellyfish with spice and vinegar dressing for the more adventurous palette.

Mr Sushi – Japanese

The freshest ingredients, prepared daily, sees Mr Sushi a favourite amongst Japanese cuisine aficionados, as delicate hand rolled sushi and sashimi are devoured at the authentic sushi bar. Fun fact: it’s okay to get your hands dirty…sushi is traditionally eaten with your fingers, but chopsticks are still socially acceptable.

Oporto – Portuguese

Got a hankering for a good ol’ chicken burger but with a Euro twist? Then Oporto is your go to. Wrap your lips around flame grilled Portuguese chicken with secret sauces and special recipes to make you salivate. With less fat and more flavour, flame-grilled is a no-brainer.

Oliver Brown – Belgium

The few people in this world who can resist chocolate will have their resolve tested at Oliver Brown, which offers decadent dishes using only the finest cocoa ingredients, imported directly from Belgium. Mouths will water over the chocolates, waffles, crepes, chocolate fondue, coffee and shakes, served with dollops of ice cream, chocolate sauce, fresh fruit and chocolate drops.

Simply Pho – Vietnamese

Pho, a versatile Vietnamese dish and local staple, can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner. The carefully prepared broth, paired with different meat options and noodles, leaves diners feeling fresh, rejuvenated and satisfied. A plethora of Vietnamese street foods are also on offer, including spring rolls, rice paper rolls, vermicelli dishes, and flame grilled chicken or pork chops.

Sultan’s Turkish Pide – Lebanese and Turkish

Sultan's Turkish Pide serves traditional Lebanese and Turkish Cuisine, and almost everything is made in house – breads, desserts, dips, pastries, salads and more! Stop in and taste the difference.

Young & Frisky – American

America’s south has come to Gungahlin, with Young & Frisky showcasing southern fried chicken, traditional mac and cheese, mash and gravy, braised greens, crinkle-cut fries and pickles, plus the usual pub food offerings that are sure to please. The venue also offers an exotic and eclectic selection of scotch and whisky, as well as boutique beers – cheers to that!

Zehni’s Turkish Kitchen – Turkish

 Fresh flavour-filled dips, stuffed vine leaves, falafel and gozleme are just a few tantalising tastes of Turkey on offer at Zehni’s – and those are just the starters! Mains include tender skewers, kebabs and a mixed grill, while more than 18 types of Turkish pizza are sure to bring you back again!