A private bathtub you can swim in

Massive bedroom, private balcony, huge ensuite with a bath you can (nearly) swim in!
$310 per week

Sadly, my beloved roomie is leaving me for Canberra to chase a career (and right as winter hits, what a SUCKER), but one (or two) lucky women are invited to call this now vacant room home. In even better news, it can be furnished or not - with no impact on the rent. The room is lovely and sun-filled (see, you can find sunshine in Sydney’s inner-west apartments), with a giant built in wardrobe.

You’ll also have the privilege of living with ME- the active, social and chatty Kenny. I am often heading to AFL training, but love a chat and a cuppa, glass of wine, beer or cider.

The apartment has plenty of space and storage (like entire cupboards in the kitchen are empty, and the linen closet is bare), and would welcome any pieces of furniture or artwork you’d like to add to the joint.

The complex also boasts many delightful amenities, including manicured gardens, gym, swimming pool, spa, sauna and all the mod cons! All the hard shit has been done here too, we have POWER, WATER and INTERNET! So you can just roll-on in and enjoy. Simple AF.

Things I don’t care about: Race, religion, sporting ability, gaming aptitude (I’ll happily beat a novice on the PS4, but may struggle against any one with more than 10 hours experience) or food orientation (carnivore or vegan, are all welcome here!).

Things I do care about: Eligibility criteria includes being a decent human being, ability to prevent roach infestations thorough not being a grot, respecting my beauty sleep and shared spaces and ability to consistently pay rent on time.

If this fabulous lodging does not sound like the right fit for you, please send a donation of fresh figs for inspection.