Allday - Speeding

Allday has a distinctive style – smooth, casual vocals paired with contemporary electronic beats and varying tempos on his new album, Speeding.

To be honest, on first listen I enjoyed the Aussie hip-hop artist’s second album, but after getting more familiar with it, there is a sameness that appears. Allday’s (a.k.a. Tom Gaynor) rhyming is pretty simple (‘morning’ with ‘falling’, ‘real’ with ‘congeal’ etc). While excellent production and varying tempos keep you engaged, again this becomes a familiar pattern.

The lyrics and themes are pretty standard; those of unrequited love, lacking connection and getting wasted. There are some clever and funny lyrics peppered throughout. ‘No Saint’ contains, “cops used to stop me and say I need your name and address / I’d say Usain Bolt and then gave it the legs” while ‘10 Drinks’ has a little pop culture reference: “Her house big like ‘90s clothes, shit got an echo-echo / And I’m spacey, Kevin, and we racing to heaven”. Some part of me wants to compare Allday’s sound to a more upbeat version of The Weeknd’s ‘The Hills’ or Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’, but it’s just not of the same calibre.

The Adelaide-born Gaynor has embraced more singing than on his debut album, but his voice isn’t anything especially trained. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, making it good to sing along to without sounding like a cat in the midst of a street battle (a la me vs. Adele).

As an album to kick back to, Speeding is solid. I love ‘Sides (feat. Nyne)’ which has already seen radio love, along with ‘In Motion (feat. Japenese Wallpaper)’ and ‘Raceway’. The few female collabs standout, and I’d like to see more voices on his next album. In summary, will I play Speeding again? Sure. Am I excited to hear Allday’s progression? Hell yes.