Endrey - Lost + Found

A smooth voice that flows over you like melted butter, dreamy chords and piano keys to graze your ears gently, the occasional strum of a guitar or ambient sounds wafting across your consciousness … the debut album from Endrey, Lost + Found, is a captivating pleasure for the senses.

Listen closer, and you’ll find an album which sits comfortably in the acoustic-indie category but with lyrics looking to challenge the status quo and address some sensitive topics. The man behind the music, Canberra’s own Chris Endrey, fills this album with 13 hypnotic and at times melancholic tracks. Songs cover all-consuming loneliness, feeling misunderstood, the harsh clarity of hindsight, the danger of apathy and the perils of contemplation.

“As a young guy without much capacity for introspection, I discovered that the things that you need to learn the most in life, you often learn the hardest. Together, these songs are a single journey through that lament,” Endrey has said.

From an album that was almost never made, it has been shaped into an impressive first offering; a compilation with an identity, a soul and a distinctive sound. Lost + Found was recorded at Studio 68, produced with Louis Montgomery (whose recordings with SAFIA earned an ARIA nomination) and mastered at Studios 301 by Andrew Edgson (Matt Corby, Sarah McKenzie, Mark Ronson). Standout tracks for me include ‘Sentimental Days’, ‘Say This’ and ‘Lost + Found’.

An intensely personal album, Endrey has laid himself bare on Lost + Found, an undoubtedly brave and difficult decision for any of us fragile and delicate humans. I both applaud and appreciate his bravery, and I think you will too.