Desperate times call for holiday-measures

Desperate times call for holiday-measures

Increasingly competitive job markets are seeing employers ramp up their perks to attract world-class workers. The latest sweetener is a six-week paid holiday — before you even start.

Canberra based recruitment agency HorizonOne has raised the stakes in a bid to entice the nation’s best to their office.

“There are as many as 10,000 advertised positions for recruiters in Australia. This is a sign of the times. Companies across the board have to consider what employees value, and find a way to make that part of their company ethos,” said Simon Cox, HorizonOne Director. “It’s simple, the best workplaces have one thing in common – killer perks. We want to be one of the best in the business and will stop at nothing to reach that goal.”

Another hurdle Australian workplaces face is a case of better the devil you know. “In general, people don’t like change, and the best workers are often highly incentivised to stay put,” Mr Cox explained. “The aim of the six-week leave period is to allow some breathing room between jobs so staff start with us fresh faced and full of ideas. Also, if someone is moving to Canberra, there’s that time to get affairs in order and discover what a gem of a city Canberra is to live in,” Mr Cox concluded.

HorizonOne offers a plethora of other incentives, including bonus days off each quarter, social activities like go-karting, paid gym time each week, video games in the breakout room and perhaps best of all – a dog-friendly workplace. “These types of things are vital to having a flourishing workplace, happy staff and successful business,” Mr Cox said.

Fairfax Media: Canberra business HorizonOne offers six weeks leave to fill talent vacancy A recruiter is tempting jobseekers with six weeks of paid leave ... before the work even begins