Painaustralia eNews


EDM: Each month I’d produce an eNews letter for Painaustralia members, stakeholders and general subscribers.

I’d ghostwrite the CEO Message and liaise with our members to enhance content and provide additional value to those paying membership fees.

During my time with Painaustralia I made a range of improvements to the eNews, including the afore mentioned member content, summarising the content into eNews ‘teasers’ that’d then lead to website traffic for the full article, enhanced images with bespoke graphic design content and social media campaigns before and after the publication of the eNews to encourage subscription.


Please follow the below links to view some of my favourite editions of the eNews on the Painaustralia website.

Issue 87 — The Cost of pain in Australia Report launch

Issue 84 — The launch of the Consumer Advisory Group

Issue 83 — The Invictus Games edition